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About us

The Russian company Sanimer LLC produces and distributes detergents and sanitizers for general, medical and industrial purpose.
Sanimer LLC was established at the Kaliningrad region, Russian Federation in 2007. The company obtained the European technology and equipment for operating activities.


There are different lines of our products for different purposes

  • medical institutions, institutions for elderly care, health resorts;
  • food industry;
  • engineering and shipbuilding industry;
  • transportation companies, harbors and railways;
  • offices;
  • cleaning companies.

The largest one is the product line for medical institutions, institutions for elderly care and health resorts, which is represented by more than 50 different items. Great attention is paid to the healthcare of patients and medical staff.

Considering the progressive allergization among the population, all products are tested on highly allergic individuals. The possibility of staff allergization while using Sanimer sanitizers is minimal. Products do not contain any toxic or cancerogenic substances. In order to avoid the respiratory allergic diseases, the Sanimer sanitizers do not contain isopropyl alcohol. They can be used for treating elderly people and infants.

There are special creams developed for medical staff which prevent the skin irritation and protect the skin against the environmental effects while preserving its microbial flora and protective functions. In addition, we offer a range of sanitizers and products for cold sterilization.

Our products are environment-friendly, biodegradable and contain the controlled quantity of phosphor. Our company is marked by high-quality products and manufacture, we are glad to meet all the needs of our clients. We are permanently working on improving the product composition in order to increase its safety for both environment and people.


236039, Russia, Kaliningrad, Suvorova st., 54
Telephone: 8 (4012) 63-24-18