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Clean Feel

Clean Feel

Clean Feel is an effective universal cleansing agent. Suitable for all water resistant surfaces. Used for daily cleaning of stone floors, linoleum, painted surfaces and glazed tiles.

Neutral Cleaner

Neutral Cleaner

Neutral Cleaner is an effective universal cleaner, which is used for cleaning all water resistant surfaces.

Chemipharm DesNew

Product is an effective for prophylaxis and eliminating fungal foot diseases, therefore it is especially suitable for washing sauna rooms, shower cabins and swimming pool premises as well as bathtubs with a 1% working solution.

Chemisept FG

Chemisept FG is an effective agent for fast disinfection and prevention of foot fungi. The product has a wide fungicidal and bactericidal effect, being able to destroy Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and viruses.


Chlorinex-60 are effective disinfecting chlorine tablets with two different contents of active chlorine — 1.5 grams and 3 grams, which dissolved in water, give a strong disinfecting solution with an exactly determined concentration.

Whitewash Des


Bozo is a viscous cleaner and disinfectant for sanitary porcelain, WC bowls, sinks, tiles and joints. It efficiently removes dirt, rust and precipitated salts, and their smells.

San Cleaner

Smell Net

Smell Net is a new generation liquid concentrate for washing and disinfection. Upon contact with urine, a chemical reaction takes place as a result of which the unpleasant smell of urine vanishes. Effective also on old urine.


Plumber is an alkaline agent for removal and prevention of clogs in sewer system. It helps remove fats, soap, hair and other organic substances accumulated in pipes.

Glass Washer

Glass Washer is a ready solution for cleaning windows, mirrors, glass showcases and tiles. Removes stains and leaves the surfaces sparkling shiny.

Glass Washer Fix

Tropic Night

Tropic Night is a series of dermatologically tested anti-allergic products for sensitive and normal skin. They contain antioxidants, natural oils, vitamins A, E, and C, agents which maintain the moisture balance, protect and nourish the skin, and which have an anti-inflammatory effect.


Cream based liquid soap, used for washing hands, hair and entire body. Contains skin moistening, softening and nourishing substances which help maintain the natural moisture, pH and recover lipid layers of the skin.

My Day

Use for washing the hands and the whole body. Removes dirt fast and effectively. The product contains skin moistening, softening and fat removing substances which preserve the natural moisture, softness and pH of the skin.


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